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2017 Invention Explorers

Release Time:2022.06.29

In order to provide a public platform to display the innovative inventions and popular science works of local students and individuals, share and communicate with the public, let everyone know more about the situation of local innovations and inventions, and hope to popularize scientific knowledge , so as to promote the progress and development of science and technology in Macao. In the same period, the 6th “ 2016 Celebration of the Return. Rising to the sky---Australian Student Paper Airplane Contest”and the 2nd “Cross-Strait and Four Places Student Paper Airplane Contest”the winning entry.

The “Ming Ming Discovery Exhibition” organized by the Macao Science Museum and co-organized by the Macao Innovation and Invention Association will be held from March 10 to June 18, 2017 at the Macao Science Museum Exhibition Center held. TV News Report:



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